The right tools for the job

If you look at the highest level of any profession, you will find the best equipment in that industry.  Exceptional professionals in any line of work are equipped with both the skill, and the equipment, to handle whatever problems may arise.  If you have ever gotten a flat tire and tried to put the spare on yourself, only to realize the lug nut has rusted stuck and you have to call roadside assistance, then you know how important having the right tools for the job is.  Those trucks are equipped with a different tire iron than the ones that come inside the spare tire kit in the trunk of your car. It will not matter how much you can bench press or how good your technique is if the small tire iron does not provide enough leverage to generate the force needed to break the rust seal. When roadside service shows up, they may be grumpy and out of shape, but he pulls out the larger, “t” shaped tire iron and removes the rusty lug nut like magic. (Humbling isn’t it?) Golf is no different, your bag is your toolbox and if you do not have the proper tools for the job, you may have to work twice as hard as someone who has the “t” shaped tire iron.

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