The New TaylorMade Sim2 Driver Hits the USGA, R&A Conforming Test List

If you are a fellow golf equipment enthusiast, then you know that this time of the year is when pictures and information starts to leak out about the new products for the upcoming year.  TaylorMade’s SIm2 Driver is the latest to surface with the USGA/R&A black and white photos.  The original SIM was a very successful driver both on Tour and for the general golfing public.  Here are a few of the tweaks that were made by one of the world’s top R&D departments.  The first thing to note is that it no longer has a sliding weight track, instead a redesigned, carbon fiber sole with a weight port near the speed pocket that reads “High MOI-Low Spin”.  The next is that it is the first 4 piece head design, as they added a forged aluminum ring along the back of the club that stabilizes the entire club.  These improvements answer the call to stabilize the club head and do so by maintaining the high MOI, low spin characteristics of the original SIM.  The SIM2 will also have a SIM Max and a SIM MAX D, the same three heads as the original SIM.   I am sure this is the first of many new club designs dropping in preparation for what will undoubtedly be another great year for golf equipment in 2021.

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