Becoming an Elite Golfer is Hard

Becoming a Samurai is a life-long endeavor all about mastery. It is a hard journey based on millennial standards, centuries of evolution, and decades of refining skills that must be done individually. Although the techniques are centuries old, those who have mastered the life of a warrior constantly work to refine the same skills.

How does this relate to golf? But more specifically, how does this relate to how we view ourselves as learners? The ancient warrior sayings show that techniques are the same, but our energy, mindset, and physicality change daily. There is a common misconception in golf that our bodies do not change, and that there is an ability to make a ‘quick fix’ to our strokes without deep thought. Some also think that golf is ‘easy’ and little effort is needed to be good at the game. Golfers may also view themselves as ‘quick studies’ who can learn a new skill after a few tries and believe it is mastered.

Maybe your goal is not to be a great player, and you therefore lower your expectations for yourself and your results. However, if you expect to repeat your best round consistently, it will take continued effort on the small pieces that bring the entire game together. Golf requires the understanding that great technique does not ultimately lead to great scoring. Setbacks such as bad breaks, injuries or good breaks that inflate our expectations, can impact the final result. However, one thing will always remain the same – it takes consistent effort over time to become great and ultimately master the game.

The journey of become a Samurai and becoming a great golfer are closely related as both require focused dedication and time to master. To each golfer reading this, pay attention to how you learn individually, set realistic goals and markers, and create an image of who you want to become through the game of golf.

Enjoy Your Journey!

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