The Most Used Club in the Bag

Why does the practice putting green on the PGA Tour look like a putter demo day?  The players are certainly not thinking of changing their equipment leading up to a big tournament, right?  Wrong!  The reason those equipment companies set up at PGA Tour events is because a lot of times players will try out new equipment, just days before big tournaments, putters especially.   Putters are one of the few clubs that can vary drastically in design.  From different shapes, weights, sight lines, hosel configurations, grips and face inserts, putters are most certainly an outlier in the golf club world.  The reason putters come in so many different shapes and sizes is because the way the putter looks can drastically change the way you aim it and the different weights and where the weight is located on the putter can have a large impact on your ability to control your distance.  In addition, putter technology has been pushing the envelope in regards to the rules of golf with things like variable groove depth, adjustable lengths and multi material custom shafts.  Everybody loves a good demo day on the range and it is fun going down the line seeing which driver goes the furthest, but you really should be trying some of the latest and greatest putters to see if any of them improve your ability to aim the putter and give you better touch on the greens.  After all, the putter is the most used club in the bag!

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