The 2nd Major

From the sound of it, you may be thinking I’m referring to the US Open that traditionally (not in the 2020 world we’re all living in currently) falls around the third week of June. Not so fast! At GPC, we are excited to be starting our 2nd Major Testing Period on Monday! In order to best measure our athletes development, we find that a full Player Development Index (PDI) Assessment should be scheduled every 12 weeks. This allows us to test the athletes 4 separate times throughout the year to ensure both the athlete and the coach have solid understanding of where they are in their journey and what they need to be focusing on at any particular stage of development.

Major Testing weeks are no joke. This event is treated just like a tournament. No practice shots are to be taken once the golf assessment begins, maximal effort is required throughout the range of physical proficiencies asked of these athletes, and the final PDI score is posted on the athletes Junior Golf Hub profile for them to own as they would any tournament score.

Our athletes have been working for the last 12 weeks to improve in the areas they initially struggled with during the 1st Major, while continuing to strengthen the areas they did well. It is not easy to get put under the microscope and to hold your game up to the mirror. The coaching staff at GPC, however, can’t stress how important this is in your long term success. It is normal to get those “pre-round” butterflies you feel before a competition or big event; that means you care! It is critical to “test” and “retest” as you work towards reaching your goals, no matter what they are. I am looking forward to seeing some of our athletes accomplish more of theirs in the coming weeks! Good luck next week everyone!

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