Failure is a Springboard to Success

Failure has the opportunity to be the springboard to our success if we allow ourselves to accept it as a learning experience. After a few mistakes, some may try to intentionally avoid failure altogether. We have witnessed players quit the game without the understanding that micro-failures are a critical part of the game. Bad scores or adversity in skill development is all part of the journey. Those who avoid failure limit their success. Scott Young refers to countless studies on successful people across all fields of life in his book Ultralearning. Whether they are in sports, business, music, or dance; these people still fail, but know how to turn failure into a drive to thrive.

Success is dependent on the ability to fail and keep working on it. Moving outside your comfort zone to grow beyond your current state may be paralyzing and can lead to limited improvement and growth towards your goals or desired outcome. Marcus Aurelius, one of the greatest generals of all time was quoted saying, “The obstacle is the way”.  The obstacle for golfers is the hard work necessary for long term improvement. The foundation for great success takes the most time and is the hardest work, mistakes are necessary in part of the process!

As with any business wanting to succeed, you must take some risks to generate enough revenues to be successful which means with risk comes failures.  Failures will happen, it doesn’t even matter how good you become, failure will happen, mistakes will be made.  To improve you MUST be willing to make mistakes, to take risks, to learn faster, this will build a better foundation for higher success! 

This winter while you are working on becoming more successful, don’t avoid the mistakes or failure while practicing, developing better mechanics or moving better, embrace them, learn from them and grow! You will see that your improvement will happen faster and your success will soon follow!

Enjoy Your Journey!

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