STOP – Just 3 Breaths

In life and the game of golf we find ourselves feeling hurried, restless, anxious, or stressed. On the surface we might have a slight awareness that we’re not in our ‘best self’ state. However, in the heat of the moment we keep going to be sure we finish this project, or cross that off the to-do list, or make the shot under par. We keep going without attending to what we’re feeling and ultimately these feelings end up driving behavior that’s over par.
The energy of the best self is calm, centered, grounded, open, optimistic, flexible, and reliable. When you are feeling anything outside of alignment with your best self, it’s a signal that something is out of balance and you need to connect inward.
Connecting inward isn’t easy when we’re feeling out of alignment with our best self, in fact, it almost always feels easier to disconnect and even, ignore. That’s why we have mindfulness tools to help us find our center and a better feeling state for optimal performance.
Just 3 Breaths Instruction
Apply the steps in this tool upon noticing a feeling of being hurried, restless, anxious, or stressed.

  1. STOP

– Allow yourself a moment to pause. Stop what you are doing, right where you are.

  1. Take 3 conscious breaths

– Breath long and full for each breath, in and out through the nose.
– Focus on just this one inhale…and exhale…mental note – 1
– Focus on just this one inhale…and exhale…mental note – 2
– Focus on just this one inhale…and exhale…mental note – 3

  1. Notice how you feel and if your state has shifted. Make the intention that it’s okay to allow what you’re feeling and take it slow from here, open for new feeling states to arise in this present moment awareness.

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