So You Think You’re a Competitor?

I have been asked over the years how I would describe myself and I thought, what a good question. For a time I struggled to come up with what I thought was a good answer. In 1994 it finally hit me. At the time, I was still trying to win on mini tours up and down the east coast, chasing the dream of being on the PGA Tour. Sad to say it didn’t happen! What it did do was help me understand how to describe myself. In trying to win events, I did not realize how much doing so hurt my ability to develop into the winner I wanted to be. I had not learned all the skills I needed to win. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like a path to success. Here is what I am getting at – winning is something that happens when a competitor develops all the necessary skills including physical, mental, technical, creative and acceptance. It takes more than a good practice or workout every once in a while or a couple of good rounds. Winning takes failing day after day at many of the skill development activities necessary to gain enough autonomy to put multiple shots together. Then you have to do it in tournament conditions. Then you must step up to being in the hunt to win (yes this is a skill) and repeat that process over and over. Surviving the ups and downs of failure and success is where the real competitor wins!
A competitor goes out every day to improve in the areas of life, sport, art, music, and business. This will eventually propel him or her to their goal of winning. So, as a competitor I compete every day not with anyone else, but with myself to give my best efforts to improve, to strive to achieve my best in the moment. Well, guess what? That’s hard. It sounds easy, but it takes effort to do the little things daily, the things like waking up early when many are still sleeping, pushing when your brain says “let’s take a break,” holding yourself accountable when no one else cares. A competitor does this not for anyone else, but themselves.
How would you describe yourself? Maybe you identify as a competitor or maybe you are trying to fool yourself? A competitor never acts without purpose and resolve, or without the means to finish the job. If you are dreaming of winning a tournament, competing for a college golf program or to win your club championship, winning happens way before the actual event takes place. The competitor knows how necessary preparation is, the struggles that must happen for the success he or she wants. A competitor embraces the challenges and looks for the learning moments. When you find them, you are one step closer to your victories!
Enjoy Your Journey!

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