Cell phones, computer screens, driver seats, and practically any other piece of furniture you’ll be sitting on these days all set you up for failure when it comes to achieving good posture. Posture is defined as the “combined arrangement of all joint positions of your body at any given moment.” “Good posture” is more specifically defined in my own terms as achieving balance throughout the musculoskeletal system to allow for optimal positioning of the body’s joints, allowing for pain free and efficient movement in whatever activity you may be doing.

Chronic compensations like forward head posture and sway back occur when muscular imbalance due to the combination of inactive, weak, or tight muscles directly or indirectly force the body into these poor positions. This puts a ton of stress on the opposing muscle groups to counteract that poor positioning of the segments that are now out of whack. Over time this causes limitations in a person ability to move and in many cases results in pain either in that specific area or another (referred pain).

There are ways to fight the battle of poor posture, despite the uphill battle that our lifestyles present. Like anything new, at first you have to focus very hard to make a change. Consistent effort either through corrective exercise, or simply just being aware of when you are “slacking” will be the key to seeing and feeling a difference in your everyday life. Many of the correctives prescribed to you don’t require any equipment. They can be done at home, in the office, or in the gym as active rest, and will play a significant part in helping you achieve better day to day posture.

Without proper standing posture, you can’t expect the posture in your golf swing to magically be perfect. We know that without the ability to naturally achieve static posture (address position) over the golf ball, you are setting yourself up for swing faults right out of the gate. If you are able to achieve static posture without another thought, but struggle with things like consistent ball striking (or even worse low back pain) I would recommend you start with a check of your standing posture first. Please see myself, Kyle, Connor, or Kate to determine if your standing posture is in a good place or if it needs some attention. We can get you on a plan now, so you can see the benefits come golf season!

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