Pushing The Limits of Shaft Technology

Shaft technology has always been a big part of the engineering of golf clubs.  Shafts have come a long way from the old hickory sticks, progressing from wood to steel, steel to graphite and now to multi-metal materials.  The steel shafts have become lighter and stronger while graphite shafts have become more stable but both have gained consistency.  In the past year or two we have seen shaft engineers push the boundaries of performance with new technology.   Mitsubishi, one of the top graphite shaft producers of all time has designed a shaft called MMT which stands for “Metal Mesh Technology”.  Mitsubishi does end-to-end manufacturing on the new shaft which has a unique Metal Mesh – made up of individually braided strands of 304 Stainless Steel, integrated towards the tip of the shaft. This Metal Mesh improves the density and the overall stability of the shaft which results in more consistent launch and spin for more precise iron control.  This technology is similar to another shaft called the OT, a Mitsubishi shaft that is made entirely of braided strands of graphite to increase consistency.  These are just a couple of examples of the new shafts that we use here at GPC Custom Clubs.

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