Pressure is Good

We all know that certain situations in golf can create pressure, but pressure is also an important part of an efficient golf swing.  I am talking about specific pressure points that are created as energy which is transferred through the body.  Let’s take a look at two pressure points that are important for a fundamentally sound golf swing.
The first is the pressure applied by the trail hand against the lead thumb (right hand against left thumb for right handed golfers).  This is a pressure point that is lost by many golfers and usually results in a flying trail elbow and/or bent lead arm in the backswing, and an overall loss of structure in the swing.  Of course the only way that this pressure can be maintained in the backswing is through proper rotation and proper use of the arms and wrists.  Many golfers break down in the backswing, losing this pressure point and find themselves compensating throughout the downswing to regain the width that is necessary.
The second pressure point which is vital to an efficient golf swing is the pressure between the lead arm and the chest in the downswing.  This pressure can only be created with good sequence.  If the lower body leads pulling the torso along, and the torso in turn pulls the lead arm along which then pulls the club, the pressure between lead arm and chest is created.  Not only is this pressure point vital to the efficiency of the swing but also to the releasing of the club.  As the lead arm is pulled by the torso rotation it rotates resulting in clubface rotation.
Pay attention to these two pressure points and see if you can maintain them throughout the swing.  If not that means there may be underlying physical limitations causing the common breakdowns in these areas.
Practice Smart!

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