Opportunity Knocks

We are approximately a week and a half into quarantine. I think we all agree that it has been an interesting time to say the least! This seclusion has provided an opportunity to assess exactly where we may be spending our time, and has forced us to become creative in our efforts to retain some sort of normal routine. All the while, allowing us to “reconnect” with both ourselves and those around us either virtually or from across the room. One thing I’ve realized lately is that life gets busy quick! I’m excited about the opportunity that this quarantine is providing and the wakeup call it can be for many of us who live such fast paced lives.
Throughout the past week or so I have found that I have gotten back to some of the things that I value a great deal, but had just gotten lazy with over time. Eating healthy has been easier, in a sense! I can’t eat out at restaurants, bummer! Well I’m certainly eating cleaner, that’s for sure! I can control what’s in the house with regards to snacks, how big my meals are/portion sizes, as well as the quality of the ingredients in each meal. It has been a blast getting creative with GPC’s LIVE workouts and our individual coaching sessions as we are constantly solving the puzzle of how to get you all a great workout from home with very little to no equipment. I have taken the time to get outside when the weather has been nice and just enjoy being out there, as opposed to simply taking note that it’s a nice day as I get out of the car from one errand to the next.
All of these areas are in turn improving my health and well-being, and surprise; they have been possible the whole time! It is cool to see how unfortunate circumstances like the one we are all faced with now, are allowing me (and hopefully many of you) to test my mind and my body differently than I normally do, while simply getting back to a few of the things I value the most. I’m sure once things do return to normal, that pace will pick up again, but I’ll absolutely think twice about how important some of these little things are to me and my success.

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