Mental Game 101

I will make this week’s article short and sweet (for some, maybe sour)! For many golfers, young and old, we hear on a regular basis, “I’m mental on the course” or “My mental game cost me five shots today.” In order to play better or score better, you need to stop the negative self-talk or blaming your mistakes on your mental game. 

The mental game for most is only an excuse for lacking skill. Most of us do not play golf for a living, therefore, the only reason to blame the mental game is the fact that you are giving yourself too high of expectations to begin with. Golf is not a game that you hit the same shot every time (except in a few instances). The closest you come to hitting the same shot is with a driver, but even this changes based on the layout of the hole, tee box condition, and wind or weather conditions. 

The next time you are practicing or working with a coach, test yourself. Participate in a skills challenge. We have a couple of different ones that we can run through with you or you can do on your own. It is a great way to practice and it also helps you understand how proficient you are at the different skills required to play and improve scores.   

In conclusion, golf is tough enough for the best players in the world, do not make it harder by putting too lofty expectations on yourself. Enjoy the process of hitting the shot to the best of your ability and enjoy the feeling when you pull it off, forget about the bad one. Every swing or putt is just another opportunity to make you feel alive about the game!

As always, 
Enjoy Your Journey!

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