Learning a complex skill is not different subjects being taught separately but knowing subjects are connected in the real world and need to be learned in a real-world environment, together and seamlessly. Often this is forgotten in golf and there is a huge disconnect in learning what the game is all about. Rather, golf is taught by teaching a golf swing that is someone else’s to those who cannot perform the same way physically.  Golf is a game of many variables and all those variables need to be understood, measured, and integrated for seamless learning and development.
It is reasonable to open a book, magazine, YouTube page, the Golf Channel or basically any other medium about golf instruction to see contradictions and improbable methodologies being preached to someone trying to learn the game from discovery to mastery.  A common mistake is relying on past events of someone other than yourself to give you the answers to a complex puzzle, only you have the power to determine the arrangement of the puzzle pieces!  What I am saying is after 25+ years of developing as a golf coach I have heard almost everything under the sun from golf teachers to their audiences about how easy golf can be if you just follow this ‘one simple swing tip’ or how easy it is to gain 10 yards or more.  Regardless of what you are attempting to learn, know that it is hard!  If you are thinking that golf is easy, and you do not need to put effort into learning then you probably will not learn anything!  You will only find yourself frustrated and chasing an elusive goal or dream of lasting improvement!
At The Golf Performance Center, we have created an environment that allows for all of the separate elements of player development to be integrated into seamless learning.  If you find yourself not improving, you may want to check out the environment you are in, as it will have a lot to do with real learning.  Our 5 Elements of Success methodology isn’t about a one swing fit all approach. It’s about how do you become the best version of yourself as a golf athlete – by improving how well your body functions, a measured approach to skill development, emphasis on key mental skill development (as in learning how to lean into the struggle), having a growth mindset, and understanding what the right equipment for the task will do for your game improvement.
Golf season is in full swing, however if you find yourself still struggling, it is never too late or too early to find out why and to create a developmental plan for more enjoyment of a beautiful sport!

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