Is that Training Aid Right for You?

If you have been playing this game for long enough you have undoubtedly tried at least a couple of training aids to help you improve.  In recent years, there have been a plethora of training aids that have come to market and added to the confusion that golfers feel when trying to decide how to approach practice sessions.
Let’s clear up some of the confusion and figure out how to know if that training aid is right for you.  First of all, every training aid that I know of is designed to help with a particular aspect of the golf swing.  For example, the Swingyde helps you get a better sense of how to set the wrist in a way that keeps the clubface square throughout the swing.  Blast motion is a sensor that goes on the end of the club which gives feedback on tempo.  These are two training aids that I like and use with my some of my students.  The important thing to understand is that I only put a training aid to use if it is designed to help the student with his/her most glaring flaw.  The best way to improve in this game is to approach one aspect of the swing at a time and start with the most important.
Next time you come across a training aid first ask yourself if you know what it is designed to do.  If you can’t answer that then consult with a golf coach.  Once you understand the aids purpose, ask yourself if that is something you need help with in your swing, then lastly, make sure the training aid is helping you with your most glaring flaw.

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