Household Items That Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level!

We are through 3 weeks of home workouts and golf practices here at GPC! This time has made us as coaches and you as athletes tap into the right side of our brains to get creative and continue to build on the work we have put in this off-season. It has been so encouraging to hear all of the positive feedback about how beneficial and challenging the workouts have continued to be despite not having access to the normal equipment and facilities we are accustomed to at GPC. Very simply, the situation we are currently faced with is forcing us to adapt. If you are a GPC Member and have not joined us for a live workout as of yet, I encourage you to do so ASAP to see for yourself! You don’t need any equipment, however, below are my top 5 items that you can find at home to take your workouts to the next level! We are also offering to put together custom Performance Packages with light gym equipment (bands, foam rollers, swiss balls, etc.) for you to add to your home gym! Please email if you are interested.

  1. Duffle Bag/Backpack
    These items, filled with clothes/towels/sheets/etc., provide an unstable implement that would replicate that of a sand bag that can be used for endless training methods.
  2. Wiffe Ball Bat
    This lightweight bat is a great tool to train speed! It can also be used as a dowel for stability and postural feedback (golf club works well for the latter as well).
  3. Lacrosse Ball/Tennis Ball/Baseball
    These are a must for self-myofascial release techniques and dissipating those hot spots!
  4. Pillow/Folded Towel
    These items are great for providing unstable surfaces. If you don’t want to use your couch pillows, try taking your shoe off and doing the exercise barefoot!
  5. Belt/Dog Leash

These items are awesome alternatives for a stretch strap. You can loop them on one end and use them as a stretching aid, but I also challenge you to hold one end in each hand and “pull” the belt or leash apart to isometrically engage so many of your stabilizing muscles!

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