Friendly New Faces

Continuing with the trend of launching new products in the Fall, we take a peek into the new and improved Titleist TSi metal woods.  The “i” stands for impact, inertia and innovation, but what is so different about the new line?  The above pictures will show a visual of how Titleist has repositioned the mass lower and more rear in the sole of the driver.  This has a direct effect on the launch conditions and can be dialed in specifically to fit your needs.  Another noteworthy change is the new CG Tracking system on the rear of the TSi 3.  Whereas the TS3 had a cartridge with 3 positions, the new TSI 3 has 5 CG locations resulting in more adjustability for your game. Every company in golf uses some variation of 6-4 titanium in their driver faces.  For the very first time, Titleist is using a material called ATI-425, this material has never been used in a golf club.  ATI-425 is of military/aerospace grade and has a very high strength to weight ratio which has been used in defense applications and in Mars landing gear!  With high elasticity and high tensile strength that means more ball speed for you.

The new TSi drivers have quickly become the number one driver on the PGA tour, helping to secure Titleist’s two year run as the number one driver on tour. TSi drivers are now on the USGA conforming list and in play on all worldwide tours.  The global launch for these drivers and fairways is November 12 (Thursday of the Masters) however, The Golf Performance Center will be ready to roll on 10/29.  Stay tuned for more info!

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