Developing Skills takes Effort

There is no doubt that you have what it takes to be the best you!  You are the only person that has the ability to believe in yourself.  If you plan to move your life in a positive direction to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself, only you can determine whether or not you can achieve them.  It is easy to make excuses as to why you think you may not reach your goals, there will always be a reason not to start your journey or keep you on the path that you “wanted” to go on.  DREAM BIG! SET GOALS! Follow your plan!

In golf and in life there is no destination!  There is only the journey, the process of constant improvement.  Improvement comes from making the effort daily, to struggle, to succeed, to be honest with your effort and repeat those things until you have moved down the path you want to be on.  It will not be easy!  It doesn’t mean the road will always be flat and straight!  Create discipline now, while you are young, make the best decisions that will lead to your fulfillment!  When you are practicing, you need to “bring it” on every rep, every time, every day, pushing yourself to master the skills you need.  Mastery takes full focus; it takes the energy that comes from fear of failing along with the desire to want to overcome the fear of failing.  In golf, while you are developing mechanics of the skills needed to succeed, there will be a tremendous amount of misfires and restarts to a particular drill but you cannot skip this process, the learning that comes from the misfires will lead to mastery of a skill.  Stay disciplined to your development, stick to your plan, work your butt off, there is no easy way!

Move towards your truth, your DREAM!  If you are willing to suffer, if you are willing to make the sacrifices that few others are willing, you will achieve what few others do!  It doesn’t matter what you are trying to excel in, it will take a tremendous amount effort, and the greatest effort will be overcoming your mind in thinking that what you want is impossible.  Not because you do not believe in yourself but the outside influences telling you that your dream is silly or unrealistic.  It has to be your dream!  If someone else has already played on tour after overcoming the odds, saying playing on tour is impossible, this is a lie, an excuse not to put all your effort into it!  Many have done it before you and will after you, it is possible!  No excuses, fight for what you want otherwise you will end up with what you don’t want for sure! 

Enjoy Your Journey!

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