Dads and Golf

With Father’s Day around this Sunday, golf equipment is in high demand.  Rather than heading to your local golf shop or big box retailer, head to Custom Clubs where you can pick up a gift certificate for our unique fitting experiences.  In my years of experience in the golf industry, a high percentage of Father’s Day gifts get returned or exchanged because golfers are very specific about the equipment they use.  We offer all major brands and models and will make sure they are fine tuned for your game.  There is nothing better than having the peace of mind that you have the right equipment for your golf game.  This confidence in your equipment enables you to focus on the things that you should be focusing on during your round instead of constantly second guessing your equipment.  I know most golfers have a club that they have had their eye on and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give all the dads the perfect gift.

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