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Week two is coming to an end on our mandatory shut down and stay at home orders courtesy of Coronavirus. I hope that during this time you have taken full advantage of getting to know yourself better! It is hard to comprehend what the overall effects of this pandemic will be but one thing is for sure, you should come out of this much more resilient. It is crazy how a life altering event can propel some people to their greatest feats while it brings others to their knees. How will you respond?  
This article is about 25 percent of you, the youth group that is average age of 20 and the adult group with the average age 60. Each group is at opposite ends. You have either lived approximately 25 percent of your life or you have 25 percent of your life to live. At 20 you have been on the earth roughly 1,040 weeks and at age 60 you have been here for 3,120 weeks; the earth has been around for approximately 200 billion + weeks.  Based on life expectancy data, the average person lives to be 79, so the question is this – what are you going to do about it? None of us are guaranteed anything but based on the numbers it seems as though having an average existence of 79 years is pretty good. However, when you compare it to how long the earth has existed, we are only here for a nanosecond and then we are gone.    
Why am I writing about our existence? Because I believe it is important to put things in perspective.  The Coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call to us all. It shows us that regardless of where we grow up, how much money you have, where you go to school or went to school, it all doesn’t matter, life as you know can change instantly.  Marcus Aurelius, the great Stoic philosopher and Emperor of the Roman Empire wrote, “how the good things in life cost what they cost, and the unnecessary are not worth any price, the important thing is to know the difference”. In other words, are the things that you value dearly worth the price and sacrifice? Are you willing to do what it takes to follow your curiosity and dreams or are they not worth it?  Often we come across people who by outward appearances have it all, but why is it so often they are the ones that struggle with loneliness, depression and living a life unsatisfied?
While quarantined at home, take the time to explore your thoughts, dreams or goals. Ask yourself, are you working towards them, or are they just out there, not worth it?  For those that have lived 25 percent of your life, are you going through the motions that others expect of you? There is no better time than now to start working towards the life that you want to live, make the next 3,068 weeks of your life the way you want it, it’s up to you!  Now, for you that have 988 weeks left, what are you waiting for, go for it! There is no time like the present to make your life the way you want it to be, are your dreams worth it?  
Just as when a new golfer comes into The Golf Performance Center for their initial 5 Elements of Success Evaluation, they will typically ask, well, how long does it take to fix my game?  I like to tell them, it depends! It depends on how much you value your improvement! Are you willing to do what it takes, are you willing to sacrifice and truly lean into the work necessary for sustainable growth to reach your goals or are you just looking to buy a fix? This article was not written to doom and gloom, but rather one to ignite your passion, to set you on a path to your dreams, to help you explore your curiosities and to find a deeper meaning to your existence! It will be gone in a nanosecond so get in there and explore what life has to offer for You!
Enjoy Your Journey! 

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