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Motivation + Grit = Success!

We realize that not everyone is motivated by the same thing however there is a common feeling of motivation for everyone.  Motivation is a strange thing. The research is broad and very often provides little information to why someone is motivated or engaged in a particular subject, sport or job.  Motivation is also fleeting and is not the only thing you need for success.

A common answer to the question about what motivates young athletes is that many kids are motivated by what their peers are doing, more specifically what they are doing well that is also fun.  Interestingly enough, it is not always the easiest route to success that kids are motivated by, the better the challenge the more motivated they are to achieve success.  With that being said, leading researchers such as Angela Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania, have found that kids who have grown up with more adversity in their lives are more resilient and are three times more likely to stick with a task that is more difficult than someone with lessor challenges in life.  This is what is known as Grit!  I would highly recommend her book, Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

What does this have to do with golf? Everything!  Golf is a challenging sport and has many ups and downs and adversities to overcome.  You know the drill, good shot or bad shot, emotions can run the gamut in a matter of seconds! As they say down south, the mole hill can turn into a mountain pretty dang quick!  It is critical to your success to understand your motivation to play golf competitively.   If your motivation is low and you are not improving the way you would like to as it relates to tournament scores, I would suggest taking a look into a mirror ask yourself the question, why?  Why am I playing competitive golf?  If you can answer the question why, your motivation is solid and you are more likely to stick to or create a plan to follow that allows you to measure and see improvement big and small. 

This off season is a great time to work on the things that will continue to help you to improve but understand the nature of improvement is that it should be a struggle, it takes time to develop skills from information to transference on the course and in tournaments with different pressures.  Everyone can be motivated when it is easy!  Do you have what it takes to be motivated when the challenge is tough or when you are struggling to learn something new?   Motivation + Grit = Success!

What motivates You?

Enjoy Your Journey!


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