You’re Grounded!

These are not usually words that junior golfers like to hear as it typically means they did something to have their clubs taken away or their weekend tee time canceled. That’s not the case when we’re coaching these athletes in the gym, however! Feeling a solid connection to the ground, and being “grounded” is important for generating and storing as much energy as possible in your system as you move the club. One way we help our athletes feel this connection is through performing certain movements or exercises barefoot. This increases their overall body awareness while also activating particular muscle groups to support the movement that would not otherwise be tested due to the support their shoes provide. A few exercises we like to incorporate into our training at GPC that promote “using the ground” include the everything from working on landing mechanics, to traditional deadlifts, to more unique exercises like the Narrow Founder from the Foundation Training method pictured below. When done correctly with high levels of attention and focus on what muscles are working to support you, the Narrow Founder provides great feedback on how “grounded” you are while also strengthening postural muscles along the back of the body.

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