What’s In the Bag?

The players on the PGA Tour have the latest and greatest technology at their disposal, from high-end aftermarket shafts to “Tour Only” custom and prototype club heads.  But make no mistake, beyond all the glitz and glam is a toolbox – a carefully crafted set of tools that are designed to give the player their full range of capabilities. In comparison, most golfers I work with have certain clubs in their bag that they don’t like or won’t hit. When you have a club that has seemed to let you down time after time or at least more often than the other clubs, it’s time to consider a change.  In my experience, when a golfer doesn’t like a club, there is usually a reason.  Sometimes the lie angle is off or maybe the swing weight, but there is usually something that is much different than the rest of the clubs in the bag.  When playing a round of golf, you will encounter a variety of situations and circumstances and you want to give yourself the best tools for the job.  You wouldn’t build a house with a broken screwdriver, so don’t play golf with clubs that you know don’t work for you. Instead, start growing your toolbox!

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