What Kind Of Player Are You?

Well, it is a little different these days with how the USGA, PGA and LPGA Tours are operating due to Covid19.  However, the excitement of watching or playing golf in competitive environment is nearly the same.  This past week the best amateur golfers stormed the US Amateur Championship at Bandon Dunes (we are planning another great trip soon, watch for our list of fun travel events) and presented us with some great golf.  One of the things I love about watching these great golfers is how different they all are relative to their approaches to their game and swing technique.  I separate the game from swing because, often golfers get confused about playing golf and their golf swing. 

During an interview after his 1-up victory, Tyler Strafaci talked about how his roommate of three years at Georgia Tech (Andy Ogletree) and 2019 US Amateur Champion are the same but different players.  The same means, they are both good golfers. However, how they got there and what they do are quite different.  Strafaci, for example, feels much better about his game when he is practicing more, hitting the shots he will need during a round, feeling comfortable that his technique is solid and has a good game plan for his tournament rounds.  Whereas Ogletree is someone who just plays golf, more carefree about his technique, relying much more on “feel”.  Neither right or wrong, but right for them!

If you are someone who loves playing and struggles with receiving too much information for your own good to swing the club freely when playing under pressure, we would suggest that your coaching be direct. Focus on one thing, not many, and limit the urge to open Golf Digest, Golf Channel, or to take lessons from multiple coaches so that you do not get confused and frustrated while attempting to play.  If you are the type of player that loves to tinker on your game, adding bits and pieces from multiple different coaches and sources, most likely you are someone who will spend lots of “range time” and perhaps struggle to take your game to the course because your practice time isn’t conducive to transference of playing golf skills.  So, to play your best, understanding how you learn is an important part of your golf journey.  One thing we like to tell our players at The Golf Performance Center, practice how you play, and play like you practice.  Maybe not obvious is knowing that there are also times when practicing developing your golf swing competence is important but, don’t think because you have a good golf swing you will be a good player! It may help but that is only one aspect of playing better golf!

This is why at The Golf Performance Center we do not believe there is one swing or one approach that fits all. We know that function dictates form and how you learn determines best results. This is why the 5 Elements of Success philosophy is such a great way of looking at your overall development.  If you assess your game, you are not guessing at what the problems are. Give us a call or drop us an email to set up your 5 Elements of Success Evaluation today and find out how you learn and what is the best plan or approach for your best golf!

Enjoy Your Journey!

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