What Determines Club Path?

There is so much focus put on club path these days yet many golfers don’t truly understand what determines club path. Some may strive to get it to zero while others will obsess over being in to out or out to in and berate themselves for not being able to change it. Let’s take a closer look at what actually determines club path.

Because of the nature of golf being a side on game the club is traveling 3 dimensionally into the golf ball so we must understand how this works.  When the club is traveling down to the golf ball  it is also traveling in to out because of what is called the D-Plane.  This is good information but what affects the attack angle?  It’s how the body moves!  Pelvic movement is so important in golf and will ultimately determine the attack angle in which the club is delivered.  When the trail hip stays high in the downswing as many golfers do the attack angle will be steeper. So what’s the remedy to this?

Learning proper pelvic movement from backswing to transition and then downswing will allow an athlete to deliver the club with a more ideal combination of attack angle and club path and face control.  Take time to do body swings (arms crossed) by rotating into the trail hip, transition pressure into the lead foot to start downswing and then rotate through the golf ball.  Once you have a sense of the movement from inside out then put the club in your hands and see if you can apply the movement before hitting golf balls.  Remember, slow to fast!

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