The Ultimate Preseason Workout Guide for Golfers:

The Golf Performance Center Ridgefield, CT

As the weather starts to change in the Northeast, golfers are gearing up to head back to the course! After a long offseason of hitting the gym and practicing indoors, we are officially in the preseason! This means our training needs to shift a bit as well. You’ve built strength during the offseason, and now it’s time to convert that strength into power and speed that we can utilize on the golf course. During this preseason phase, we pair a strength exercise that you’ve been honing all winter with a power or speed exercise. This trains your body to retain the strength you’ve worked hard to build while simultaneously increasing your speed and power. The result? Longer tee shots and more consistent golf overall!

To do this, start with a good warm-up. Once you feel ready, choose a weight that allows you to goblet squat for 6 reps, and the 6th rep should be challenging! After completing the 6th rep safely, drop the weight and immediately transition into a vertical jump for 6 reps, aiming to jump as high as possible each time and resting for 1 second between reps. This helps recruit the muscles just used in the squat more rapidly, making them more powerful. This training style is scientifically proven to enhance overall power in the human body. You can apply this method to any exercise in the gym. At The Golf Performance Center, we incorporate upper body exercises using this approach, along with rotational exercises. We believe this is the most effective way to prepare your body for the golf season!

Follow up your strength and power exercises with mobility or corrective exercises to ensure your body continues to move at its peak. These mobility exercises can be done after your workout or on the day following your strength and power session. Here’s an example of what a week might look like:

Day 1: Total Body Strength and Power with a Vertical Emphasis

Day 2: Mobility and Correctives

Day 3: Total Body Strength and Power with a Horizontal Emphasis

Day 4: Mobility and Correctives

Day 5: Total Body Strength and Power with a Rotational Emphasis

Day 6-7: Gym Off Days, but on Course Preseason Golf Round

Give this routine a try on your own, or join us at GPC in the gym to experience the benefits on the course this season!

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