The Science of Golf

Science: The state of knowing: Knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.

At the Golf Performance Center, we believe that which can be measured can be improved.  Therefore, we spend a lot of time on the science of golf in which our athletes gain greater and greater understanding of the game and more importantly, themselves.

Which measurements do we rely on?  All of them! We measure all of the primary fundamentals, physical literacy, golf skill sets, equipment, mental assessments as well as stats from tournaments to understand how it all translates to the golf course. 

So we have these measurements, now what do we do with them?

We believe that the clarity that comes from the periodic measurements has tremendous power to help the transformative processes that must take place.  The athlete is in control because the evidence is empirical and that fosters confidence in the process.  Many athletes would rather not be measured, put under the microscope if you will, because it is easier to dream and pretend.  Still many other athletes will get measured but struggle to improve because the process is long and arduous.  This is where adopting a growth mindset is essential!  When an athlete sees the measurements through the lense of long term development, those measurements become important markers that they seek out rather than avoid.

So what does this mean for you?  As you start 2021, make sure you have some quantifiable measurements that inform you about where you are on your journey.  Ideally, you have written down your goals and now you can develop a plan to get from where you are now to where you are striving to be.

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