The Journey of Clubfitting

Clubfitting has taken off in the past decade with better technology, more efficient fitting systems and more people having access to fitting centers than ever before.  This combination has cultivated a custom fitting boom in the golf industry.  There was a time where getting fit was something only for the guys on TV and everyone else bought clubs “off the rack”.  In this era in golf equipment, almost nobody picks out clubs without testing them first, companies offer digital clubfittings online and make recommendations based on the information you provide.  The consumer can also do research into the different heads and shafts and go deep into the world of custom clubs, and that can help them narrow down their options.  But has the clubfitting journey reached its peak, or do we still have room to grow?  I believe that the evolution of clubfitting still has a long way to go.  The concept of clubfitting makes sense and is a key element of reaching your golfing potential.  However, I believe that clubfitting is not a one time thing when you need to buy new clubs, but rather an ongoing journey that is constantly evolving with your golf game.  That is why we do quarterly equipment evaluations with our athletes so we can constantly monitor the performance of the equipment as our athletes develop physically and with their golf game.

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