The Handicap System Has Set Us Up for Failure to Develop

In 1911, the USGA developed the handicap system to enable individual golfers to compete with players of different playing abilities.  Unfortunately, it has turned into a way to manipulate the system for personal gains or to win.  Because of this, players and coaches (or “teachers” as most are known) are set up to fail.  What? 

It was a short-term solution for players to have a friendly wager or bet against one another, not something that prevents players from improving.  Again, the short term gain is a long term failure.  You see, the handicap system was designed to allow for matches against someone that may not have the experience of another golfer, but it allows them to continue to compete.  This leads to resentment of the better player and higher handicap players see angles to manipulate their scores.  Over the past 20+ years, the handicap system has not shown significant change.  Players are not getting better by working on improving the lead factors.  Instead, players are resigned to putting in minimal effort hoping for greater gain. 

If you want to have a better indicator of your improvement you may want to investigate booking one of our Player Development Index (PDI) Assessments or 5 Elements of Success Evaluations. Our PDI is a perfect way for a player to have a snapshot of where his or her game is in the moment. It is not designed for you to understand where your game is right now.  What we have seen over time is a travesty!  Players are not putting in the work. They are hoping to take a lesson and learn the secret from one swing tip then go out and play like an experienced player or professional! Hint!  It doesn’t work this way; it takes some basic understanding of how things work and how important the body is in the process.  For the golf professionals out there, you too have been had!  It forces many of you into “teaching” someone a quick fix and getting them fixed and ready to go. No surprise, a player gets plenty of information, but unfortunately does not know what to do with it. Or, in many cases, they are not capable due to a physical limitation or a case of the technology bug.  You know, when you go out with your pro and he tells you to swing on Trackman or GEARS? Most likely it’s to capture some information, like; angle of attack, clubhead speed or some other factor that no matter how many times you try to recreate the best result, you can not do it because you do not know what you did in the first place. 

STOP the madness! Check out The Golf Performance Center’s 5 Elements of Success evaluations and PDI Assessments. Understand why you are struggling with your game. Someone else’s fix is probably not your solution!

Enjoy Your Journey!

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