The Equation is Simple

“You face your fear because your goal demands it.” This quote from 2018 Documentary of the Year Free Solo resonated with me when I heard it for the first time. For me, it brings to mind a motivating outlook that I can use to face any difficult task over the course of a day, a month, a year, or 10 years. “You get out what you put in.” This is another one that I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again, but have you truly looked in the mirror and asked yourself if you’re putting forth your best effort every time you step foot in the gym? Assuming you are, it’s important to understand your goals still won’t be reached over night. You must be able to overcome the obstacles that present themselves along the way. Obstacles as basic as “I don’t feel like going today,” or the urge to become complacent with thoughts like “Ok, that set was good enough, on to the next exercise.” These should be easy hurdles to cross if you really want what you say you want.
World renowned Strength Coach, Eric Cressey, has posted this on his social media platforms in the past;
“It’s really hard to evaluate the efficacy of a training program if you don’t actually train hard.”
This statement couldn’t be more true, and is the reality when it comes to evaluating your progress either in the gym or in your golf practice. You better be working your tail off (in the right way) if you expect to see changes in your movement, in your strength, and in your golf skills. If you have more to give then you have to be honest with yourself about the progress you are making and the results you expect to see.
Hard work is only the first step to being your best. Consistency is the second half of this equation. The training programs we prescribe throughout the year will not have the effect on the body they are intended to have if you show up here and there. It takes a consistent high level of effort to make a change physically, and at the same time hardly any time at all before you’ll see your strength, power, and flexibility begin to regress if that consistency or effort isn’t there. I can’t wait to help you get where you want to go this season, but you need to decide how badly you want it.
The equation is simple.

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