The Coolest Shot In Golf

Few shots in golf are cooler than the high spinning wedge shot. In fact, one of the most common questions we get at GPC Custom Clubs is “How do I get backspin on the ball?” The answer to that question is a combination of ingredients, but I believe the two most important factors are the club and the ball.  Using a premium ball designed to be receptive to spin is the first step. The next step is having a high lofted club with clean, fresh grooves. The purpose of grooves is to create a channel for grass (made up of mostly water) to squeeze into when the club strikes the ball. You can think of grooves on a club face the same way you would think of deep tread on new tires. Tire tread creates a channel for the water to squeeze into, resulting in more rubber meeting the road.  Your grooves on your wedge are designed to do the exact same thing with the ball. This is why so much of the research and development that club manufacturers focus on with wedges is grooves. It’s no coincidence that many PGA Tour players use new wedges every tournament. The greens they are playing are some of the firmest and fastest greens on the planet, putting a premium on their ability to spin the golf ball. So next time you pull a wedge out of your bag, make sure your grooves are nice and clean and the face is dry so you can hit the coolest shot in golf!

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