The Power Behind the Golf Swing: The “Hip Bump”

The “hip bump” in your golf swing refers to the transfer of energy as you begin your downswing. It’s a common misconception that your power comes from your shoulders and arms when you transition. However, it’s all in the hips.

How Does the Golf “Hip Bump” Work?

Efficiency in your golf swing leads to more stability and power, which, of course, leads to consistent distance. The hips and torso play a huge role in stabilizing and powering the golf swing. In the backswing, the hips and torso properly rotate and load until the golf club is set at the top, quickly storing power.
The “hip bump” is what triggers your downswing, which allows the energy to then transfer through your arms to the golf ball. Imagine swinging the golf club without moving your hips – it would be all arms, which certainly wouldn’t lead to power or accuracy. When you bump your hip to start the downswing instead of using your shoulders, you are helping the energy transfer efficiently, and you’ll feel the consistent power.

How Do I Incorporate the “Hip Bump” into my Golf Swing?

Integrating the golf “hip bump” into your golf swing is a two-pronged process: golf instruction and golf workouts. There’s the technical aspect of training your golf swing to do the “hip bump” and then turn, and then there’s strengthening your body to give you the mobility to do so.

Learn the “Hip Bump” Through Golf Lessons

A key factor to gaining power is learning about the “hip bump” from your golf coach. Regular golf lessons, with the same golf coach, provides a consistent training schedule and technique, which allows you to incorporate this distance-creating move into your golf swing with ease. 
The golf coaches at The Golf Performance Center know all about the “hip bump” and have personalized golf lesson plans to help you get there with your swing. You’ll be amazed at the power you feel once you bump your hips to start the downswing.

Golfer Workouts to Feel the “Hip Bump”

Strengthening and stretching your hips is a must for golf, which is why golf workouts prioritize these movements. Golf fitness isn’t arbitrary – the strength and conditioning programs are in sync with your golf swing techniques so you can find consistent power and prevent injury.
The trainers at The Golf Performance Center help you perform the proper exercises to help your hips move more easily and with purpose during your golf swing. Sometimes, it might be more than just your hip flexors that need attention – it could be your hamstrings. That’s why it’s important to train with an expert.
When you work with both trainers and golf coaches at The GPC, you are setting yourself up for success because you have a team communicating with each other and supporting you in your golf goals as a united front.
Next time you’re on the driving range, notice how you’re starting your downswing. If you’re not seeing or feeling a “hip bump” then turn, it’s time to find a golf coach who can help you gain that extra power. If you do execute the famous “hip bump” but feel a need for more stability or a smoother transition, bring your golf trainer into the mix and get your mobility on track.

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