Rules of Improvement

As we move deeper into the “off” season, it is imperative to set appropriate goals in order to see improvement. Knowing this, it is also important to understand that results may not happen in 1-2 sessions, rather it takes time and some pain to earn those small victories. I have a few guidelines to help you move through this process effectively.

  1. To truly improve, you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  2. If your focus is on the result, then you are not focusing on the right thing.
  3. Improvement is a slow process of doing little things extremely well.
  4. Improvement is not a random event, it is a planned event.
  5. Improvement is measured! “Which can be measured can be improved.”

Before starting your improvement plan, athletes should take our PDI self-assessment on the Junior Golf Hub app. The next step is to reach out to The Golf Performance Center so we can schedule a PDI coach guided assessment or our full PDI 5 Elements of Success Evaluation/Assessment.

Next time you are struggling to improve, ask yourself, am I uncomfortable with this? Am I focused on the right things? Am I engaged in the process? Am I following the 5 rules of improvement?

Enjoy Your Journey!

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