Package of “Lessons” or a Clubfitting?

This offseason, golfers will have numerous opportunities to sign up for a lesson package on a mobile platform using video or at an indoor golf facility. However, can any amount of lessons help if the equipment does not set the player up for success from the beginning?  The instrument itself determines the movement our body needs to get the desired outcome. If the instrument does not fit the golfer properly, the golfer will then have to make compensations to get the desired outcome.  Oftentimes, these compensations are exactly what many teachers would try to change, diagnosing them as your “swing faults”, when in fact, they were actually not faults at all but your best solution for the problem. Without addressing the equipment, changing these faults can actually make things worse.  That is usually when a teacher sends the student to the club fitter for some help.  Seems a little backwards, right?  Golf is one of the toughest games on the planet and when you look at the amount of equipment used, it could be the sport where equipment matters the most! Making sure the equipment is fitted properly from the beginning ensures that the feedback you’re getting from the shots that you’re hitting is correct, allowing you to make uncompensated movement to get the desired results. 

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