New Era of Technology in Clubfitting

The role that technology plays in our clubfitting process is a big one, but what is just as important is the ability to understand what the information means.  A new era of technology has been ushered in by companies like TrackMan, ForeSight and FlightScope which has provided the golf industry with massive amounts of data.  This information has helped to streamline equipment research and development which produces better equipment but also has helped to make sure clubs are fitted properly.  As a clubfitter, it is of the utmost importance to be able to measure and having the right technology helps us do just that.  In addition to TrackMan and GC Quad, here at GPC Custom Clubs we also use a 3D motion capture system called GEARS which allows us to measure the shaft in real time throughout the swing. This helps us to understand why the club head may be delivered with too much loft or too upright, rather than just assuming it’s the players swing, many times, it’s not!  Without GEARS, we would see that there is some water in the photo and assume it was a photo of the ocean.

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