Golf Mental Game Practice Using a Missile Lock Strategy

For fans of Top Gun, a missile lock is something you know well. If you aren’t familiar with Top Gun or missile locks, you might not be familiar with the term or how it might relate to golf practice. 
Top Gun is a movie about fighter jets, and in addition to seeing impressive aviation when you watch the movie, you can also get an answer to the question “how do fighter jets lock on?” 
When it comes to fighter jets targeting enemy aircrafts, they use a fighter jet targeting system like a missile lock to accurately track a target. Then they have a precise target to shoot a missile exactly where they want. This is essentially target practice for fighter jets, except with incredibly precise technology.
Believe it or not, there’s a lesson to be learned from Top Gun, missile locks and fighter jet targeting systems when learning how to execute a golf shot using a target. Just like using a missile lock to focus in on a target, knowing how to set and use a target in golf is an important aspect for golf mental game practice that can improve your scoring. Let’s take a lesson from Top Gun and learn how to use a missile lock strategy in golf psychology. 

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