Grateful for the Struggle

This season is a time for reflection and thanks for the people and the things that give meaning in your life.  As I reflect on the year, I am grateful for You!  Your troubled golf game or perhaps your child’s troubled golf game!   I am grateful that you take a few minutes out of your day to read our newsletter, to support our mission of making a positive impact on the landscape of golfers!
What are you grateful for?  Perhaps you are grateful for the opportunity to work on your golf game, to work industriously on your improvement towards perfection?  Seriously, being grateful creates a different mindset, it allows for a different acceptance of struggle and mistakes.  If you are not grateful for the opportunity to improve it can turn into a JOB quickly, proving to be overwhelming and frustrating, leading to less enjoyment of the process for improvement.   If you are not enjoying the process it is unlikely you will stick to it!  When it comes to succeeding in sports (golf), business and life, gratefulness has surfaced as the leading indicator to your success.  It allows us to be more resilient in difficult endeavors.
We have all been witness to the ungrateful player or person at one time or another, the rants and temper tantrums, rarely taking the time to understand the missed shots or the struggle in practice is the best for learning to improve.  Being ungrateful for the struggle, for the chance to make improvements, the opportunity to advance, to get closer to one’s success.  Being able to enjoy or embrace the struggle allows the mind to open to the nuances of improvement. More often than not, golfers think they are only improving when hitting good shots or making every putt.  I am not saying it is not important to have successes while playing and practicing, but it doesn’t always mean you are improving.
Next time you are going out to practice or play, remember to be grateful for the opportunities presented for improvement, embrace the struggle, mistakes are a good thing, and if you are not making mistakes it is likely you are not challenging yourself enough to make the improvements you are looking for to reach your goals!
Grateful to have the chance to write this article!
 Enjoy Your Journey!

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