Go-to Shot

We all have certain tendencies when it comes to ball fight, and in many cases spend a lot of time working to fix those tendencies. The best players in the world have the ability to shape the golf ball different ways adjusting trajectory and side spin to execute through the nine windows, however, even the best in the world have honed a ‘go-to shot’ that they can rely under pressure on any hole.
Common theory is that the ideal way to play a tee shot is to have the golf ball shape with the hole as it gives the greatest margin for error.  However, we are seeing many great players shape the ball against the hole as they go with the shot in which they have the most confidence.  It seems you have to be twice as good to curve a ball against the dogleg as it causes the ball to run across the fairway rather than down it, but if you are 3 or 4 times as good at that shot than the inverse it makes sense.
Regardless of how you choose to play the game a go-to shot will benefit you especially under pressure.  If you spend time identifying and practicing your go-to shot you will be better prepared to select and execute it when it counts.  Find ways to hone this shot under pressure situations on the range with challenges (4 in row into a 20 yard wide target) and competitions against friends. Then take it to the course and see if you can call on it when you need it.

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