Does Equipment Matter?

“Does Golf Equipment Matter?”

“Is the Pope Catholic? Is the sky blue? The short answer? Yes. Equipment can have a major influence on how the individual physically moves, ball flight, and even a better mental game approach. You look good, you play good, right? Going through a full equipment assessment can be very beneficial for all levels of golfers. The other aspects of desire, physical performance, and golf coaching are still important factors in how an individual plans to improve their golf skills and scores, but we’ll be focusing on equipment.

Imagine a younger, shorter self using your parents’ golf clubs. Was it the start of your golf career? Probably. Were they the appropriate height and weight for you to develop? Most likely not. Swinging clubs that are too heavy and long can influence future motor patterns that can be hurtful and tough to retrain if not addressed. One crucial aspect is having the right length and weight—SPEED! Having the correct and appropriate equipment can give the individual the best opportunity to transfer energy efficiently in the swing, producing distance and consistent contact.

Controlling ball flight is the name of the game. Club heads, shafts, and grips are aspects that can change or influence ball flight. Clubs that are too heavy can lead to “fat” or “thin” shots, inconsistent contact and control, and lack of distance. Clubs that are on the lighter side have a better chance than the heavier ones. Speed can be used, but control and ball flight may be more inconsistent. Again, having appropriately weighted and lengthened clubs will give the individual the best chance for contact and, therefore, better scores.

The mental game. How many putters do you own? How many drivers or iron sets? Old clubs and new clubs have an attachment to some people when playing golf and it can really influence their outlook on the course. Some clubs have “bad” mojo and the new ones have “good” mojo. This is just a part of the mental game that players need to improve and just simply, practice. 

With all that has been said, going through a proper fitting—talking through goals and an interview, getting a baseline understanding of how your current equipment is performing, trying out the new equipment to see if there is an improvement, and then gaming the equipment—can influence physical movements, ball flight control, and your mental game for the better.

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