Confidence Is King

In the world of competitive sports there is one trait that is key to success, confidence! In a round of golf you are faced with multiple challenges, each requiring the ability to focus on the task at hand. Having confidence in your equipment can eliminate some of the background noise that sometimes gets in the way of focusing on your shot. Not just clubs or balls, things like shoes, outerwear and your glove can be distracting if it doesn’t fit you correctly. Nothing worse than a bothersome blister on your foot or hand because of ill fitting equipment, or feeling like your outerwear piece is restricting your movement in some way. Having these things dialed in allows you concentrate your focus and attention on playing the game, which as we know is difficult all by itself. Many players are constantly searching for better fitting shoes, gloves and outerwear pieces that give them the best chance at playing their best because if a player has confidence in their equipment, they will have confidence in themselves and that gives them the best chance at peak performance! The off season is a great time to make sure that your equipment is up to “par”. 

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