Change it or Leave it? by Dennis Hillman

Change it or Leave it?

One of the most important questions that a golfer needs to answer with respect to his/her golf swing is “Do I want to change this or leave this as it is?”  When we look at different tendencies in the golf swing and understand the chain reaction, we can see the impact of each movement.  Some tendencies can be considered more fundamental and some can be considered idiosyncrasies that are specific to that player.
An example of a tendency that is at the fundamental level is instability.  An unstable base does not allow for a simple, repeatable golf swing, and for a player to execute whatever idiosyncrasies that he/she may have consistently.  This is very different than a player with a strong grip that puts the hands on the club the same way every time.  We call this a preferred fundamental.
Deciding to change anything in the way that you swing the golf club is not easy.  There will be a period of discomfort as you work to ingrain a new motor pattern. So having conviction at the beginning of the process that you are attempting to change a fundamental that can significantly improve your ability to control the golf ball is very important.  However, attempting to change every idiosyncrasy can be a daunting task and can lead to an endless exercise in vanity as you look to create the ‘perfect looking golf swing.’
So, seek guidance to understand what will really have an impact on the efficiency of your golf swing and then commit 100% to the process of making the improvement.  It is well worth it!

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