Another Major Win for SIM

This year’s Masters Tournament was unlike any in history, seeing Augusta in November was a treat for all of the golfing world.  The thing that was not unlike any other was the driver used to win the tournament.  Since July 1st, 2020, there have been 18 PGA Tour events, and TaylorMade SIM Driver has racked up 11 wins and two majors!  This consistency at the highest level is proof that the equipment can not only be used, but also validated by the best players in the world.  You can credit TaylorMade’s R&D department for its unwavering dedication to performance and their willingness to try new things, which has made this success possible.  As a golfer and equipment junky myself, I have had a front row seat to the evolution of TaylorMade’s drivers in the last 10 years and it is a great example of pushing the boundaries and not being afraid to fail, which is something that is a necessity if you want to reach the highest level of success.  This success drives other companies to push the envelope as well, which brings out the best in everybody and that is great for the game of golf!

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