An Introduction To Louis

Born in Florida and raised in Sint Maarten, golf wasn’t initially a part of my world. With parents who weren’t golfers, it took a friend’s introduction at 14 to ignite my passion for the game. From that point on, golf consumed me entirely.

At 15, I found myself alone in an apartment in France, enrolled in a David Leadbetter Golf Academy, shooting 85 on my best days. Golf became my life – I ate, slept, and dreamed of it. Access to equipment was limited in the Caribbean, so walking into a store akin to a golf galaxy was a revelation. I started building clubs, scouring eBay for used heads and shafts, and experimenting in my room.

My journey took a significant turn at 18 when I had my first fitting in Paris with a former English tour player. It was an illumination – 3D motion capture, a proper build shop, and endless questions led to a transformation. Suddenly, I went from being a decent player to ranking among the top 75 in the country, making strides in big events and cuts as an amateur on mini-tours.

College golf in the US further fueled my passion for the technical aspects of the game. A conversation with my assistant coach, now a respected member of the GPC coaching team, led me to a place in Connecticut with pristine grass, a unique philosophy, and unparalleled knowledge of performance.

My journey at GPC began in June 2023 as an apprentice club maker and fitter. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in learning, combining our philosophy with my technical passion to serve players of all levels and backgrounds. Today, I take immense pleasure in sharing my expertise and helping others elevate their game.

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