Aim Small, Miss Small

This phrase, made popular by two outstanding movies (The Patriot and more recently American Sniper), relates to our wonderful game of golf quite nicely. The concept is simple; pick a very specific target, within a larger target, at which you are aiming. If you miss your target, chances are your level of focus will still result in you finding the larger target or not be as far off as you would have been had you not been so precise to begin with. Your brain is an extremely complex tool that collects information, processes it, and allows you to react with an appropriate response to whatever information it just received. If its function is inhibited you will immediately be at a disadvantage on the golf course. As the temperature gets warmer and in many cases we are still walking the golf course, staying hydrated is the first step in bringing the necessary levels of focus and commitment to whatever task may be in front of you.

Throughout a round of golf, giving each shot a consistently high level of focus is one of the biggest challenges of the game.  If you’re dehydrated, you can bet you’ll let shots slip away due to a lack of focus. The average athlete should consume approximately half their body weight in ounces of water daily. A round of golf, whether we like it or not, is going to last 4.5-5 hours on an average weekend morning. It is crucial you prepare your body before, during, and after your round by taking in plenty of WATER to support that noggin of yours. If you do, I am confident you will feel much more checked-in come 18 green.

See you in the Zone!

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