Step By Step Guide to getting better this offseason! 

The offseason is officially upon us! It’s time to come up with your personal step by step plan to get better during the Winter months! Use this guide to write your own plan! 

Step 1: Have a plan in and a goal in place! 

If you don’t already have a plan, make sure you set up an assessment with the GPC Coaches to understand where you are and what your goals are this offseason! Once the assessment is complete your Golf Coach and Performance Coach will come up with a plan on the golf side and physical side to help you achieve these goals! 

Step 2: Map out each week down to the minute! 

Take a look at each week from now until April. Make note of all the holidays and trips where you know you won’t be able to workout or practice. These will be your extended rest periods, which are just as important as your practice days. Look at each day and map out what days you will workout, what days you will do your Physical corrective exercises and what days you will dedicate to golf practice? Work with your Performance Coach and Golf Coach on this if you are struggling to fit everything in. 

Side note: You can use the GPC Workout App’s Calendar to plan this out, your correctives will already be loaded in there, you just need to place in the days you will be practicing golf. I can show you how to do this! Turn your notifications on, to get reminders that you have an activity to do that day. 

Step 3: Set an Allotted amount of time for each drill

40 minutes for correctives, 20 min putting drill, 20 min chipping drill, 30 min full swing drill, 10 min reflection and notes. And there’s an effective 2 hour practice! Bring an alarm with you or your phone and set timers at each station. Have intent during each block, a chance to get into deep practice for the amount of time. 

Step 4: Come to the Weekend Workouts and Golf Practices

The more you can make it to these the better! The more consistent you are the more opportunity you have to put some strength on! More strength, less injury and the more opportunity for you to be able to handle new positions in your golf swing. Spend the time working on it this winter so you don’t have to pay for it later with any mid season aches or pains.

Step 5: Nutrition 

The forgotten element! Nutrition is so important and especially important during the Winter! As we all know in the North cold and flu season is upon us. The more you get sick, the less time you have to train or practice, the less opportunity to get better! Your nutrition plays a big part in this. Eating enough protein to support your workouts, eating fruits and vegetables to make sure you’re getting all your nutrients in, and getting in complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to support your body’s health. The ultimate nutrition hack is staying away from anything processed in a box. If it has more than 4 ingredients and ingredients you can’t pronounce, you probably shouldn’t eat it. If you need help with this, reach out to me for guidance. 

Step 6: Small Group Coaching 

One of the  last steps is to make sure you connect with your coaches when you can. At least 2-4 times per month you should be joining a small group session both on the physical side and the golf side to ensure you are making progress. If you aren’t, but you think you are on your own, this could set you back weeks, maybe even months and this is what we want to get away from. Again we want to make actual changes this offseason, not a little bit of change that doesn’t bleed into your golf score! We want you shooting your best scores and feeling your best next season! And at the end of the day, that’s why you all are here! 

Step 7: Execute! 

The last and final step, and undoubtedly the most important. You did the groundwork, you mapped out your whole offseason in the Calendar on the GPC App, you even set up notifications to remind you! You got your assessment and your plan from your golf coach and your performance coach. You’ve allocated time blocks to each of your practice days at GPC. You’ve picked the weekend workouts you will be coming to, you even decided to make a change on the nutrition side! You even planned days to check in with your coach during small group sessions! Now it’s go time! Execute the plan you had in place and crush your goals this offseason!!! 

I hope this helps you on your journey to dominate the offseason and make some incredible changes to become the best golfer and human you can be! 

Good luck!

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