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2022 Summer Coming Soon!

Ethan Allen Prepatory
Junior Golf Hub

For ages 10+

Choose from Four or
Eight Week programs.

Room and board at
GPC’s Main Campus.

For ages 12+

Choose from Four or
Eight Week programs.

Room and board at
GPC’s Main Campus.

Roger Knick - Founder GPC

Roger Knick 

“The GPC Summer Program is truly unique because it provides our student athletes with the tools to grow athletically, culturally and as lifelong learners. The core of our summer program is golf, but the curriculum also includes courses with Learning Coaches from Ethan Allen Prep and exploration of New England and the New York City region. The program is designed for the junior golfer who aspires to play Division 1 College Golf. Our program combines the best practices for development, golf and physical coaching, tournament preparation, tournament play and high-level academic experience.”

The Golf Performance Center’s Ridgefield, CT
Physical Performance Ridgefield, CT
The Golf Performance Center’s Ridgefield, CT

Tuition includes:

Player Development System,
  • We begin GPC’s 5 Elements Of Success Evaluation for each athlete, a key component of the earning a Player Development Index. An individualized holistic plan to achieve peak performance is created for each student. Our team then guides the junior golfers through their program of overall performance improvement, developing the physical and golf skills to enable them to compete at progressively higher levels.
  • College Prep – a comprehensive course designed to help students with all aspects of the college process.  From recruiting to essay writing, students will receive guidance and instruction from experienced professionals ranging from college guidance officers to college coaches. Representatives from Junior Golf Hub will work individually with each athlete to enhance his/her Hub profile and guide them on their path to playing college golf.
  • Daily physical performance coaching
  • Extended Golf Practice
  • Playing privileges at Salem Golf Club, South Salem, NY
  • Tournament planning and guidance
  • Premium Membership
  • Custom club fitting
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Field trips

The path to playing college golf isn’t easy. First you need a PLAN. It takes grit, determination and an incredible amount of work. For over 20 years, coaching junior golfers has been our passion. The hard work of our graduates is clear – GPC has helped 100+ athletes get to over 80 colleges and universities

Ethan Allen Preparatory, Ridgefield, CT

About Ethan Allen Preparatory at The Golf Performance Center

In 2017, The Golf Performance Center, launched Ethan Allen Prep, a private alternative to traditional high school—a full-day educational and golf developmental curriculum open to a select few high-achieving student athletes. Roger Knick, Founder/CEO, and PGA Professional, felt that this type of program fit the profile of the academically- and athletically-motivated student who would thrive in this highly-charged innovative learning and sports environment.


Over 25 years of research by Stanford, Duke and many other leading universities reveal an undisputed fact: that each young person has his/her own unique style of learning, and when placed in a curriculum that allows them to dig deep into their own interests, they are better prepared for their futures. These studies show that the student who is allowed to follow both a passion for learning, and a structured extracurricular activity (such as golf), is 90% more likely to excel in both areas. Independent study, or “blended” study programs like the Achieve Program at EAP, are becoming more popular throughout the country. No longer are the traditional public and private high schools producing the most sought-after candidates. Our mission is to prepare our students for the rigors of collegiate academic and athletic programs.

Summer Achieve Week at a Glance

Athletes participate in a 1 hour workout focused around improving core and balance, power and speed, and strength as it relates to the mechanics of the golf swing and peak performance.

During this 5 hour golf practice golf-athletes will be under the supervision of an expert coach while working on all aspects of their games at our world class facility, GPC National.

Rest and recovery are critical components to making progress in the gym and on the course. Tuesday and Thursday the athletes will participate in an organized group workout focused on restoring function and helping the athletes recover from the prior day’s training regimen.

We understand the importance of on-course coaching and the learning opportunities that arise from the countless situations found on the golf course. Athletes will be taking advantage of on-course coaching two-three of the five days training with us.

Each athlete will have the opportunity to compete in local and/or regional events while under tutelage GPC coaching. This allows for GPC coaches to access the transference of skills to performance and give feedback to each player.

Facility Hours
Mon-Fri 7am-9pm
Sat & Sun 7am-6pm

To register or for more information, contact Tom Bopp at or 203-439-6758