Achieve Your Greatness on the Course, in the Classroom and in Life

Ages 10-13 | Monday-Thursday | 1-5PM
Week 1: June 27th-30th
Week 2: July 18th-21st
Can participate in one or both weeks

Roger Knick - Founder GPC

“The GPC Summer Program is truly unique because it provides our student athletes with the tools to grow athletically, culturally and as lifelong learners. Our program combines the best practices for development, golf and physical coaching, and tournament preparation and play.” Roger Knick – Founder

For over 20 years, coaching junior golfers has been our passion. The hard work of our graduates is clear – GPC has helped 100+ athletes get to over 80 colleges and universities

Athletes participate in a 1 hour workout focused around improving core and balance, power and speed, and strength as it relates to the mechanics of the golf swing and peak performance.

During this golf practice golf-athletes will be under the supervision of an expert coach while working on all aspects of their games at our world class facility, GPC National.

Rest and recovery are critical components to making progress in the gym and on the course. Tuesday and Thursday the athletes will participate in an organized group workout focused on restoring function and helping the athletes recover from the prior day’s training regimen.

We understand the importance of on-course coaching and the learning opportunities that arise from the countless situations found on the golf course. Athletes will be taking advantage of on-course coaching two of the four days training with us.

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