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programs begin april 1

Golf Performance Center now offering coaching programs at Golf Quest!

Golf Quest is thrilled to partner with The Golf Performance Center(of Ridgefield, CT) to deliver all golf coaching! With over 25 years of experience, The Golf Performance Center’s approach has helped thousands of golfers of all levels and ages reach their personal goals and Golf Quest is excited to bring that same experience to the newly renovated facility so that everyone can Play Different!

Golf Performance Center Certified Coaches will offer a variety of group coaching programs for golfers of all ages and skill levels at the Golf Quest’s Brookfield, CT location. Whether you’re looking to pick up a club for the first time or be the best golfer in your friend group they’ll help you reach your goals!

See you soon in Brookfield!

Monthly and Seasonal Passes Are Available, Contact Us For More Info


Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this program offers something for everyone. From theme nights and skill challenges to camaraderie, you’ll enjoy a supportive community of like-minded women. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn golf from the ground up through GPC’s Fundamentals program and transition your skills from the range to the course with the help of certified instructors. With weekly practice plans included and demo clubs available, you won’t even need to bring your own equipment. With a maximum group size of 10, you’re sure to have a blast and make lasting connections with other women golfers.

  • Group Size: 10:1 Instructor/Student Ratio
  • $40 per Drop-In Class

Get Golf Ready

Level 1:
Get Golf Ready, the name says it all. No one falls out of bed ready to play the game. Getting golf ready isn’t nearly as hard, or as easy as you might think. A little help goes a long way.

Certified GPC Professionals will show you that there are lots of ways to play our game, by combining fun, camaraderie and golf performance. Each session focuses on the various golf skills you’ll need to play and practice with a purpose. In addition to learning the basics, you’re introduced to the golf course, putting in play all that you’ve practiced. This guided application of the fundamentals on course is so important to ensure your first experiences are all good. We want you to come back.

  • Group Size: 10:1 Instructor/Student Ratio
  • $199.99 for 4 sessions and 1, 2 hour on-course @ Sunset Hills Golf Club, Ridgefield Golf Course or Richter Park Golf Course

Men’s & Women’s Beginner Program

Regardless of your skill level, everyone is welcome to participate in this program. You’ll be introduced to our foundational philosophy of how physical movement dictates golf technique and how you can improve your golf abilities from the round up. We’ll help provide a roadmap to success and be able to track your improvements over time. Best of all, you don’t even need to bring your own equipment – demo clubs are available. With a maximum group size of 10, you’ll receive personalized attention and support to help you achieve your golf goals.

  • $50 per Drop-In Class

Men’s and women’s intermediate Program

This is our intermediate program geared for Adults who can break 90 or have a handicap between 12-24. This program offers a thorough curriculum that covers everything from full swing to course strategy and is designed to expand on your current skill set. You can significantly elevate your game by understanding how appropriate physical function dictates golf technique in developing your skill set. You will get individualized attention and assistance to help you reach your golfing goals with a maximum group size of 6 to 1. By the time the program is over, you’ll be competent and confident enough to take on any course.

  • $65 per Drop-In Class

Men’s and women’s Advanced program

This program is for you if you’re an adult golfer at an advanced level who can break 80 or has a handicap of 12 or less. This program offers physical and golf skill evaluations that let you monitor your development over time. You can improve your technique and advance your game by understanding how appropriate function dictates form. We’ll work on full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, trouble shots, and course strategy. As well as mindfulness practices including target focus, breathing, and meditation are all covered in this program’s extensive curriculum. You’ll have a road map for success and be able to monitor your improvement over time with weekly practice plans and assessment data included. With a 4:1 instructor-to-student ratio, you’ll benefit from individualized attention and support to help you achieve your golfing objectives.

  • $75 per Drop-In Class

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