A Personalized Path to Success in Golf, Academics, and Life

Achieve on the Course and the Classroom

The Academy at GPC is a full-time golf boarding school in Ridgefield, CT for student-athletes grades 6-12. Through a NCAA accredited curriculum, students are encouraged to challenge themselves in an individualized, self-paced learning environment.

Daily golf instruction with expert coaching staff, our mission is to foster high moral character in our student-athletes through academic rigor and a deep commitment to the game of golf. For student-athletes on the path to play golf in college, there’s no better preparation than The Academy.

Expert Coaches
and Staff

Expert Coaches
and Staff

From golf coaches to educators, our students are guided by top industry professionals to achieve their highest potential. Physical performance training, nutrition counseling and regular meetings with a sports psychologist round out our holistic approach to preparing our student-athletes for the next level.



Students utilize all the cutting edge technology at The Golf Performance Center to evaluate their skills, analyze their progress and further develop their game.



For students who wish to play golf at the collegiate level or receive scholarships, The Academy’s staff and resources are there every step of the way to help navigate the process and ensure success at the college level.



Main Campus is home to most of our student-athletes, with a dining room, recreational room, lounge and classrooms. Full-time staff live on campus and help guide students through their transition of living away from home.


The Academy partners with the US Performance Academy (USPA), an NCAA-accredited online learning platform created for athletes.

Students learn in a self-paced environment with learning coaches in the classroom to support students academic pursuits.

This provides students with a more efficient and flexible experience and allows them to create an independent schedule that fits their needs and goals.

Graduates of The Academy are equipped with the skills, foundations and grit necessary to further pursue their passion in college and in life successfully.

Golf Instruction and

Student-athletes at The Academy train based on a long-term player development plan that’s personalized for each individual according to the GPC’s 5 Elements of Success.

With weekly practice, strength and conditioning training, one-on-one golf coaching and club fitting services, all in our state-of-the-art facilities, we work to support our junior golf athletes holistically to nurture every aspect of their development and prepare them for the demands of collegiate-level golf.


While we are dedicated to helping our athletes play at the next level, life is about more than just golf.

We focus on the athlete as a whole and support them through their journey of developing into lifelong learners, self advocates, strong leaders, and confident players.

Our clinical psychologist supports our students on all aspects of their lives to help them achieve their goals

Hear From Our Students

“ I came to The Academy at GPC for my senior year of high school to try and take my golf game to the next level in hopes of playing in college. I enjoyed the personalized instruction and daily workouts. I gained a lot of knowledge about how to train in the gym to improve your golf game and how to take care of yourself during a tournament week. Maintaining your body and energy can be difficult in college golf, so lots of the preparation at GPC helped me with that.”

Will Campbell
The Academy ’21
Methodist University Men’s Golf ’25

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