Ryan Keyes


Wellesley, MA

Scoring Average


Tell us about your favorite golf memory. (Setting a new PR, sinking a birdie putt, playing with your classmates/family, your first memory of playing golf, etc.)

My favorite golf memory is when I play golf on vacation with my family. I usually travel to South Carolina over the summer with my family and me and my dad always play a course on the water and it is always a great time.

Tell us about your accomplishments and what you’re most proud of. (Won an event(s), gained more confidence in your driver, qualified for an event, dropped your scoring average over x amount of time, etc.)

I think my best accomplishment was winning the D1 individual high school state championship for Massachusetts because it was the first major tournament I won and it was really great to do it in an event where it helped me as an individual and also help my team. We finished second place as a team but it was still the highest finish for my public school.

What player do you look up to the most? (LPGA, PGA, Korn Ferry + LA Tours, current player at your top college choice, GPC alum, etc.)

The player I look up to the most is Jordan Spieth because he never plays perfect golf but he always finds a way to score, which I take a lot of inspiration from.

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