Griffin Lawlor

Griffin Lawlor


Fairfield, CT

Scoring Average


Tell us about your favorite golf memory. (Setting a new PR, sinking a birdie putt, playing with your classmates/family, your first memory of playing golf, etc.)

My favorite golf memory is during the tournament in Florida when I sank a long putt from off the green on the second day, it was a great feeling because that was one of the holes that I was nervous about.

Tell us about your accomplishments and what you’re most proud of. (Won an event(s), gained more confidence in your driver, qualified for an event, dropped your scoring average over x amount of time, etc.)

One of my best accomplishments this year is the fact that I am getting much more consistent at a lower score, and gaining much more confidence in my shot making abilities.

What player do you look up to the most? (LPGA, PGA, Korn Ferry + LA Tours, current player at your top college choice, GPC alum, etc.)

The player that I look up to the most is Tiger Woods, because he is the most well-rounded golf player, his mental game is unbelievable, and while he does show emotion he doesn’t let it affect his next shot, he has a mental game that I look up to, along with that he is also the best shot maker.

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